Donald Trump Jr. Is Still Losing His Mind About The Muppets For Some Reason

While closing out the first day of CPAC, Donald Trump Jr. rehashed his rant from earlier in the week about how liberals have “canceled” The Muppets despite the fact that absolutely nothing about that statement is correct. What Don Jr. is incorrectly referring to is The Muppet Show arriving on Disney+ with a content warning in front of certain episodes that lets viewers know that the show does contain some material that hasn’t aged particularly well. Like, for example, Johnny Cash singing in front of the Confederate flag. However, the episodes remain entirely intact and uncensored, and as we speak, are available to stream on Disney+ by its 100 million or so subscribers. In essence, the exact opposite of “canceled,” and yet that didn’t stop Don Jr. from trying to stir up the crowd at CPAC by claiming the Muppets have been “banned.”

Don Jr.’s speech, which also claimed that his father’s “Make America Great Again” agenda is still alive and well and the “future of the Republican party,” capped off a day full of embarrassing moments for the conservative event. While Ted Cruz led the charge by getting roasted right out of the gate for joking about his Cancun trip and, later, screaming the “Freedom!” line from Braveheart, the event was also ruthlessly mocked on social media for displaying a golden statue of Donald Trump that kicked off a round of Bob’s Big Boy and Bart Simpson jokes while also raising questions about whether or not the supposedly faith-based Republican Party has actually read The Bible. (Golden idols are kind of a big no-no.)

(Via Acyn on Twitter)