Watch Melania Refuse To Hold Donald Trump’s Hand In A New Cringeworthy Clip

Another embarrassing Trump video is making the rounds today, which makes it just like every other day of late, it seems. Anyway, Trump was joined by his wife, Melania, on a trip to New York to visit his brother Robert in the hospital (sadly, Robert Trump succumbed to an undisclosed illness and passed away Saturday). When the First Couple made their return to D.C. the press caught footage of Trump awkwardly trying to get Melania to hold his hand as they stepped off of Air Force One, a move she clearly rebuffed.

In the clip, you can clearly see Trump reaching for his wife’s hand — even appearing to pinch her at one point — as their son Barron walks behind them. Melania seems to be focused on getting down the stairs, holding onto the railing with one hand, while fending off her husband’s grabs with the other.

Now, it seems fairly windy so it’s quite possible that Mrs. Trump was simply using her free hand to hold down her dress and her husband just wasn’t taking the hint. But this isn’t the first time Melania has appeared to diss President Trump in public, so of course some had things to say about the whole thing.

Knowing how obsessed Trump is with public appearances, you know this has to dig at him just a bit. Maybe Melania snubbed him on purpose, or maybe she’s seen how unsteady he was walking down a ramp and wanted to make sure if he took a tumble, she wouldn’t go down with him? We’ll likely never know.