We Insist You Watch This Dumb (But Hilarious) Video Of Trump Claiming Credit For People Saying ‘Merry Christmas’

Donald Trump has been out of the White House for long enough that it’s easy to forget just how Grampa Simpson-like his ramblings can be. Except instead of telling a story about how nickels used to have pictures of bumblebees on them, he’s talking to Mike Huckabee about how he popularized people saying “merry Christmas” to each other.

“America had gone through a long period where people quit saying ‘merry Christmas.’ It was all ‘happy holidays.’ You deliberately changed that,” Huckabee said during his interview with the former-president on Newsmax. “It was part of my campaign,” Trump responded to the sausage comedian. “The country had started with this woke, I guess, a little bit before that, and it was embarrassing for stores to say ‘merry Christmas.’ You’d see these big chains, they want your money, but they don’t want you to say ‘merry Christmas.’ And they’d use reds and whites and snow, but they wouldn’t say Christmas.”

But now the chains (the real victims) are saying it again, and it’s all thanks to Trump.

“And now people are saying it — of course, they’re not saying a lot of other things, like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, you know those names are being obliterated because of craziness. But they are saying ‘merry Christmas’ again. We got that. That was a big part of what I was doing. I would say it all the time during that period that we want them to say ‘merry Christmas.’ Don’t stop at stores that don’t say ‘merry Christmas.’ And I’ll tell you, we brought it back very quickly.”

Trump also used to tie an onion to his belt, which was the style at the time.

The rest of the interview was equally full of half-truths and straight-up lies.

They must have bonded over their bizarre Cinco de Mayo tweets off screen.