Some Twitter Users Are Accusing Donald Trump Of Ruining Christmas For A 7-Year-Old Boy

12.25.18 8 months ago 13 Comments

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Donald Trump may not be the most popular person among government employees currently impacted by a partial government shutdown in a fight over proposed border wall funding. It’s put a lot of people out of work around the holiday season, and hurt plenty of families who have shared their stories online.

But in a more literal sense, he also directly impacted the life of one child on Christmas Eve when he called a seven-year-old boy as part of a media event at the White House. These calls are pretty common for a president, and much like the pardoning of a turkey, it’s usually pretty easy to coast through the holiday tradition.

But when the topic of Santa Claus came up on Monday, Trump nearly ruined the whole gambit by asking a child if he believed in Santa and then, you know, suggesting that it’s about time he gives up the proverbial ghost.

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