Trump Is Whining That The SEC Investigating His Shady SPAC Deal Will Lead To The U.S. Becoming A ‘Communistic’ Nation

Donald Trump is yelling about “witch hunts” again. He’s pulling out that old chestnut of a term, which he seemed to learn existed back in 2017—and has used unceasingly ever since—in discussing the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation into the merger between his recently announced Trump Media & Technology Group and the seemingly shady-as-all-get-out Digital World Acquisition Corp.

Questions about the legitimacy of the Trump Media & Technology Group—which will be the home of the former president’s new social media site, TRUTH Social—have been arising since the company was first announced in late October. The biggest red flag, according to people who know about these kinds of things, is that at practically the same time the company was even introduced, it was announced that it would be going public via a SPAC, which stands for “special purpose acquisition company,” but it is better known as a “blank check company” or a shell corporation. In a nutshell: It’s a way for a company to be listed on the stock market and attract money from private investors without having to go through the many hoops and legal benchmarks that come with an IPO.

On Monday, it was noted that the merger was being investigated by several Wall Street regulators, who are suspicious regarding its legality—which probably came as a surprise to no one. Or maybe it did to Trump, who acted like he had no idea what the SEC even was when he called into Newsmax to speak with his old pal/former press secretary/sour puss Sean Spicer to talk about the news that Devin Nunes was leaving congress to work for Trump Media.

As Mediaite reports, the former president played dumb (or really was clueless) when Spicer asked him to share his thoughts about the SEC’s interest in Trump’s latest venture. Trump’s reply:

“I don’t know anything about the SEC. I do know that Devin is fantastic, and I guess we just put out a release and the release says that he’ll be coming on. And you know, this is just a continuation of witch hunts. Anything you do, they want to look at it. They look at it. They don’t look at themselves.”

Then, perhaps forgetting that Republicans have been in control of pretty much everything for the past several years, Trump whined that, “If our side doesn’t have a voice, eventually… you’re going to end up with pure communism. It’s a disgrace what’s going on. But you’re going to end up with a communistic… a communist nation.”

There you have it—straight from the horse dewormer pusher’s mouth.

(Via Mediaite)