Donald Trump Went On A Tweetstorm Basically Telling Fox News How To Run Their Network

03.17.19 4 months ago

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Credit where credit is due: Every now and then Fox News doesn’t act like state media. It doesn’t happen often, but they will — maybe twice a month, perhaps even thrice — deviate from the president’s ever-impulsively changing whims. Sometimes, shocking though it is, they even take him to task for actions that aren’t, shall we say, presidential.

But it’s clear Trump doesn’t see their relationship that way. To the world leader who openly admires authoritarians and despots, Fox News is his very own Pravda. In the case of Fox and Friends, they’re even his semi-unwitting architects of his policies, feeding him ideas in the morning that he badly summarizes later in the day while tweet-storming from the can while stuffing his face with untold Filets-O-Fish.

Sunday morning Donald J. Trump was testier than usual, even uttering his umpteenth vague, dictatorial threat to SNL, perhaps unaware that the previous night’s episode had been a rerun. He saved some of his ire for Fox News, who he doesn’t feel are handling the Jeanine Pirro affair — in which she was suspended for saying objectively bigoted things about Rep. Ilhan Omar — all that well. (Warning: DJT thread.)

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