A Devastating New Ad Blasting ‘Puppy Killer’ Dr. Oz For, Well, Killing Puppies, Feels Like It Could Be A Nail In His Campaign’s Coffin

The general public recently discovered that, on top of being a TV wellness/weight loss quack and a man who drinks red wine at tailgate parties, Dr. Mehmet Oz is apparently also a puppy killer. And sure, exposés by Jezebel and whistleblower testimony detailing how Oz’s team left dead puppies in garbage bags with their living littermates are horrifying to read, but sometimes seeing is believing.

That’s what a Democratic super PAC known as Senate Majority PAC is counting on after running ads that detail Oz’s many counts of animal abuse while putting a face to the poor creatures he is accused of having taken part in killing. And look, “murder” is a heavy word but when you’re talking about testing on animals and allowing them to suffer in pain for days before euthanizing them, it fits.

The ad features footage of incredibly sad-looking dogs in barren cages while Oz walks around in a white lab coat and a narrator details the many experiments he oversaw on animals during his time at the Columbia University Institute of Comparative Medicine. One particularly heartbreaking ad follows a day in the life of a Beagle puppy with no name and only an assigned number.

“She wasn’t given a name, only a number: 6313,” the voiceover begins. “For 29 days she suffered in Mehmet Oz’s lab. Leaking blood. Not eating. Struggling to breathe. Until Oz took her for the last experiment.”

This dog is just one of 300 reportedly killed in Oz’s lab — along with hundreds more rabbits, mice, pigs, and calves — and the ads the PAC is running make the case that these violations of Animal Welfare laws make the New Jersey resident running for a Pennsylvania Senate seat unfit to hold office.