John Fetterman Is Now Gloriously Shaming Dr. Oz For Being A Dallas Cowboys Fan And For Sipping Red Wine At A Tailgate

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are few crimes that are as egregious as being from New Jersey and loving the Dallas Cowboys. John Fetterman has fully capitalized on the former in his senate race against Dr. Oz, and now, he’s turning up the heat on the latter in possibly his most damaging assault yet.

Going into Sunday’s primetime matchup between the Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, Fetterman’s campaign has erected two billboards on the highway leading to the Birds’ stadium. Both call out Oz for pretending to be an Eagles fan just like he’s pretending to be a resident of PA. Thanks to some diligent internet sleuthing the billboards pull from an old 2013 Dr. Oz tweet where he’s at the Cowboys training camp.

“Now that Dr. Oz is running for office, he *acts* like he’s a real Philly sports fan. But we all know he’s really a Cowboys fan,” Fetterman tweeted. “Our beautiful new billboard at the Linc won’t let you Iggles fans forget it.”

It’s hard to put into words how brutal it is for Fetterman to out Oz as a Cowboys fan ahead of a game against the Eagles. The lieutenant governor could’ve put up a billboard about Oz murdering puppies, something he allegedly did, and it would make him less of a social pariah than loving the Cowboys.

With football season in high gear, this isn’t the first sports-themed burn that Fetterman has landed on Oz. The Democratic candidate’s job was made very easy when the TV doctor showed up to a Penn State tailgate party drinking red wine. Does Dr. Oz even have a campaign manager anymore? What’s going on over there?

(Via John Fetterman on Twitter)