This Drag Queen Inspired By The ‘Big Mouth’ Hormone Monstress Gives A Maya Rudolph-Worthy Performance


Everyone knows that Maya Rudolph’s Hormone Monstress Connie is the undisputed VIP of Netflix’s Big Mouth. Heck, her pronunciation of the phrase “bubble bath” alone won a very specific TV award on this very website. Connie is so popular, in fact, that she’s recently become the inspiration for Miami-based drag queen Miss Toto, who worked the hormone monstress into her act complete with a bubble bath remix.

And it is magnificent:

Toto even set out a well-deserved thirst trap for Big Mouth co-creator Nick Kroll, who enthusiastically responded, “You got it. Love the whole thing!!” and tagged the show’s official account as well as Maya Rudolph.

She even managed to score a free Netflix subscription out of the deal:

You wouldn’t know it to look at her under the furry suit, Miss Toto (birth name, name William Evans) is actually a nationally qualified bodybuilder who stands over six feet tall and a personal trainer who goes by “Rock.” In addition, Toto is a postgraduate marine-science researcher whose day job involves tagging sharks with University of Miami scientists — a real Renaissance queen, if you will!

“When I go to the gym with nail polish on, guys look at me weird, until they realize I lift more than they do, and then they leave me alone,” Miss Toto told the Miami New Times in an interview last year. “I have a body, but it’s just not a woman’s body. People are like, ‘You’re so pretty, and you’re so big!’ Straight boys are, like, intimidated because I’m bigger than they are.”

Connie would definitely approve of this message.