Dreams Do Come True: Anna Kendrick Joined A K-Pop Band (Sort Of)

03.28.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Now, we love our Anna Kendrick, in all her Game of Thrones-loving, Reddit-reading, Baby Goose-masturbating (phrasing) glory. But the Oscar nominated actress is looking to expand her global brand, or at least her manager is. That’s the inspiration behind Anna becoming a member of the massively popular Korean pop band f(x), despite not knowing how to speak Korean or dance or even what K-pop is really.

Such is the premise of a new Funny or Die video, which ends, as all videos should, in space. Next up for Anna on her current streak of awesomeness: curing cancer or rescuing your puppy from being hit by a car. Probably.

(Funny or Die)

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