Dwayne Johnson Has Eased Off On His Support For Joe Rogan After A Clip Of Him Using The N-Word Went Viral

Joe Rogan has not had a great couple weeks, and it’s all thanks to Neil Young. After the legendary rocker demanded Spotify delete his music from their coffers due to the COVID misinformation spread on Rogan’s podcast, others followed suit. He was even called an “asshole” by Sharon Stone. But Rogan received some support. Jon Stewart came to his defense. So did Dwayne Johnson, who called Rogan’s apology “perfectly articulated.” But now the wrestler-turned-actor is easing off on his defense.

On Friday, a video went viral showing multiple instances where Rogan used the N-word. It was enough to pile more controversy on the podcaster, who’s long said whatever he wanted, without fear of meaningful repercussion, even ignoring hundreds of scientists begging him (and Spotify) to stop. And when Johnson learned about the video, he was nonplussed.

“I hear you as well as everyone here 100%,” Johnson tweeted after author Don Winslow directed him to the inciting video. “I was not aware of his N word use prior to my comments, but now I’ve become educated to his complete narrative. Learning moment for me.”

It wasn’t an official, complete reversal, but it’s clear Johnson was backing off of his previous “perfectly articulated” comments.

Shortly after the supercut went viral, Rogan released his second apology video in a week. He said he didn’t mean it in a racist way; he was merely discussing the word and thought it was fine for him to not censor it. Meanwhile, Spotify has removed dozens of Joe Rogan Experience episodes, though they did not explain whether it was due to COVID misinformation, him dropping the N-word or both.

(Via Insider)