People Are Celebrating The Rock’s Birthday And Commemorating The 10 Year Anniversary Of Him Breaking The News Of The Bin Laden Raid

Dwayne Johnson has recently added politics to his CV. A recent cover story about him running for president, for example, saw him constantly getting asked if he will consider a White House run. But this weekend found people taking a break from current politics to celebrate a couple notable milestones — one involving birth, the other death.

Sunday marked Johnson’s 49th birthday, which he celebrated in part by doing his best Guy Fieri impression and raising money for restaurants that have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic. And while fans relished the birthday of the guy who gave us Young Rock, there was a lot more going on with him online a well.

A lot of people online also paid tribute to one of the weirder internet artifacts out there: the tweet Johnson posted a decade ago about the secret raid US forces carried out that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden.

That tweet, which has hilariously low engagement given its significance, was posted before the press conference then-president Barack Obama gave announcing that the Al Qaeda terrorist had been killed in Pakistan. Looking back on a lot of ways that news was broken made for some interesting scrolling on social media on Saturday,

Whether Johnson will run for highest office remains to be seen. But at least we know one place where he’ll always be president.