Ed Sheeran Scored The Hottest Ticket In Town While On Tour In Denver: A Visit To Casa Bonita

“Don’t” miss out on the South Park duo’s Casa Bonita revamp while anywhere near Lakewood, Colorado.

That’s the message coming from Ed Sheeran, who believes that he lacks the “pizazz” to be the Super Bowl Halftime Show headliner, and only time will tell if he called that one correctly. He definitely, however, holds the clout to score a coveted ticket to an eatertainment venue that is currently admitting by “invite only,” which has left some superfans holding out hope while sleeping in the parking lot. Presumably, bringing a record crowd to Denver’s Empower Field last weekend didn’t hurt the “Shape Of You” crooner’s chances of admission.

Ed is making a tasty habit of popping into famed eateries while on his various The Mathematics Tour stops. He recently donned an apron at Chicago’s The Weiner Circle, where he was allegedly “too proper and friendly,” given that the restaurant’s motto is “hot dogs served with a side of abuse.” At Casa Bonita, however, Ed stuck to the role of spectator while enjoying the venue’s cliff divers and the fake jail, and of course, he indulged in chips and salsa.

“When in Colorado, Casa Bonita is a must,” Sheeran wrote on Instagram.

Any sopapillas? Ed left that part up to the imagination. Regardless of the answer, Cartman would be so jealous. Trey Parker and Matt Stone dumped “infinity dollars” into restoring the shuttered restaurant “like a piece of art,” but again, welcoming 80,000+ fans to one’s own concert is an airtight way to making sure that watching the Casa Bonita mariachi band is also on the weekend’s agenda.

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