Ellen Barkin (And Others) Flash-Fried Ted Cruz For Lauding Larry Nassar’s Sexual Assault Victims While Also Supporting Texas’ Nutso Abortion Law

Ted Cruz got smoked last week while attempting to feud with Patton Oswalt, so we might as well keep the party going by highlighting how Ellen Barkin’s coming for him. On Wednesday, Cruz (for whatever reason) gave remarks following Senate testimony from Olympic gymnasts (including McKayla Maroney and Simone Biles) about how FBI agents not only dropped the ball on Larry Nassar but completely mishandled abuse accusations brought against the now-imprisoned-for-life coach.

The botched investigation is now the subject of massive fallout with Maroney declaring that the FBI made “entirely false claims” about her statements while burying her allegations, and Biles delivered emotional remarks about how Congressionally-created organizations failed to protect herself and her fellow gymnasts. FBI Director Christopher Wray declared that he was “heartsick and furious” over the “individuals” who mishandled the investigation, and those remarks won’t clear up the situation at all. However, Ted Cruz’s remarks are going over even worse, mostly because it’s unclear why he’s inserting himself in the situation, thereby promoting the illusion that he’s in favor of protecting women while also not doing anything to prevent the insane Texas abortion law that doesn’t allow an exemption for rape pregnancies.

“I want to thank each of you for being here. Being here this morning was not easy. Each of you inspire millions across the globe. Millions look to your athletic achievements, you have all stood on the biggest stages of the world and done extraordinary things,” Cruz proclaimed. “And you were able to do that through tens of thousands of hours of incredible hard work. And yet that work pales compared to the courage it took to come here today and to tell your story publicly.”

Well, Helen Mirren isn’t buying it. “Hey Ted Cruz, what if Larry Nassar had gotten one of these courageous women pregnant?” she tweeted. “Drop dead Ted.”

Given that Texas’ governor, Greg Abbott, doubled down on Texas’ law not needing an out for rape pregnancies (and Ted’s not speaking out against that insanity while giving a speech to Team USA gymnasts about how much he cares, as a father of two young athletes), let’s just say that Helen Mirren was not alone in her sentiments.

Not only did Ted grandstand, but he also pointedly called attention to how Simone Biles hails from Texas, and he spoke on behalf of the whole state while declaring pride for her courage. That didn’t go over well either!

(Via Fox News, CBS News & Politicus USA)