Ellen DeGeneres Helped The Long-Lost Cruise Friends Who Launched A Viral Meme To Reunite

Remember Brianna and Heidi, the two young women who found each other after becoming best friends for a night on a cruise with their families? Brianna’s random attempt to find Heidi went viral on Twitter and, in less than a day, managed to come to the latter’s attention. Their efforts to reunite also became a meme, because of course it did, but the digital reunion left many wondering if the pair would ever be able to meet again in person. Thanks to Ellen host Ellen DeGeneres, they have!

On Monday, the daytime talk show host and comedian hosted Brianna and Heidi on her program, where the two met for the first time as adults on stage. Heidi, who lives in California, revealed that only 11 hours had passed before one of her friends contacted her about Brianna’s viral tweet. As the story unfolded online, many asked the pair if they were ever going to get back together, but Brianna, who lives in Virginia, was flown in for the televised get-together the show.

All things being Ellen, DeGeneres had the two stand in front of a mock tropical beach background for a “reunion picture” to update the family photos that had started it all. She then informed them (and the audience) that, with the help of Shutterfly, they would be receiving $10,000 each to help pay for their college expenses. So, that’s nice.