Elon Musk Tweeted About ‘Occupy Mars’ But Included A Picture Of The Moon, And People Are Losing It

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Elon Musk is one of our more eccentric billionaires, from smoking weed on video with Joe Rogan to releasing rap singles about Harambe to tweeting something that led to him stepping down from Tesla.

Speaking of bad Musk tweets, on Sunday Musk tweeted about his latest project: a Starship, commercial airliner that will fly the unspeakably wealthy to Mars. The problem? He used a picture of the moon.

It started innocently enough. Musk first tweeted about how he was “accelerating” the Starship development to build what he dubbed “Martian Technocracy.” As per Business Insider, the project is being underseen by SpaceX, and when completed it will be a multibillion rocket that stands some 180 feet tall. One day it may take people to and from Mars, and even to the moon.

Musk seems very excited by this — so excited that he triumphantly revealed a new catchphrase, “Occupy Mars,” complete with its new logo. The title rests next to a picture of a reddish, circular object. Alas, it’s not Mars. It’s our planet’s very own moon.

As one can imagine, people on Twitter were quick to points this out.

Even Satan himself got in on the dunking.

One person asked if Musk could perhaps use his wealth and power to tend to other problems first (and then got in on the dunking).

Or maybe it was all a joke?