Elon’s Bizarre, Russ Hanneman-esque Rebrand Of Twitter As ‘X’ Reportedly Led To Company Conference Rooms Being Renamed Stuff Like ‘eXposure,’ ‘eXult’ And ‘s3xy’

What did you do this past Saturday night? If you’re Elon Musk, you spent it suddenly announcing you were doing a complete rebranding of the social media service you semi-reluctantly purchased late last year. By Monday, Twitter was no longer Twitter. It was “X.” The friendly bird logo was gone, replaced by a dark, vaguely authoritarian depiction of the English language’s third-to-last letter. There were other strange changes to the company, though some you’d only notice if you were one of the few employees he didn’t unceremoniously fire months back.

A new piece by The New York Times offers some insight into what greeted Twitter — sorry: X! — employees when they returned to work on Monday:

Inside Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, X logos were projected in the cafeteria, while conference rooms were renamed to words with X in them, including “eXposure,” “eXult” and “s3Xy,” according to photos seen by The New York Times.

Why a conference room would be called some variation on “sexy” is currently unknown.

Musk didn’t stop by putting “X” everywhere he could at his company’s main base. As promised, he had the big Twitter sign removed from the corner of the building where he’s not always paid rent. Even that proved a chaotic mess.

Early reports claimed Musk had failed to get a permit to remove the sign, but The San Francisco Standard said it was a different internal screw-up: They did have a work order but they never told Twitter security nor the building’s property owner. As such, the police showed up and temporarily halted the removal.

The sign ultimately came down, and it’s unclear if the same fate will happen to the once-thriving social media service formerly known as Twitter, which in the pre-Musk days didn’t used to simply stop working more or less entirely. But at least the wildly uncool Piers Morgan thinks it’s cool.

(Via NYT)