Piers Morgan Might Be The Only Person On Earth Who Thinks Elon Musk Rebranding Twitter As ‘X’ Is ‘Cool’

While Elon Musk has been roundly mocked for his seemingly spur-of-the-moment decision to rebrand Twitter as X, at least one person thinks it’s “cool.” Unfortunately, that person is Piers Morgan, who is categorically the worst.

Taking an unusual break from his endless Meghan Markle obsession, Morgan stopped by Fox & Friends on Monday morning where his ham-shaped head couldn’t stop gushing about Musk’s latest move.

“I actually like it, I never liked that damn bird anyway, did you?” Morgan told Ashley Einhardt before singing the praises of X. Via Mediaite:

“I mean, it was a very annoying-looking bird, and now we’ve got a very cool-looking X. I also like the fact it is annoying the right people. You know the type — it’s the type who every time Elon Musk does anything on this platform, they immediately go nuts and then announce, ‘I am leaving the platform with immediate effect.’ And then you check about two days later and they’ve come back, or they never left at all. So, I think on every level, I like this.”

Thanks to Musk’s increased flirtation with the far-right, Einhardt was also on board with the X change and joined Morgan in touting the platform’s more “macho” persona that will reportedly abandon “tweeting.”

“Are we really reduced to a bunch of little birds running around trees tweeting?” Morgan said before swooning over Musk’s edgy new rebrand. “So, I quite like getting a cool new description.”

(Via Mediaite)