Elon Musk Tangles With ‘Rick And Morty’ Online And The Potential Stories Just Seem To Write Themselves

Only days after announcing that he was preparing to launch people to Mars, the Moon, and between cities on Earth in his rocket ships, Elon Musk found the time to reach out to the folks at Rick And Morty to congratulate them on the third season and its finale.

If you would think the show’s official account would let this type of interaction go without having some fun with it, you would be a fool and you don’t deserve McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. The account replied to Musk and a match was made that could possibly bring a special appearance in a future episode — or doom us all.

It would seem that by this point that everybody is playing around in character and having a good time, at least we hope Musk is in on the fun and not treating any of this as real. You want the guy promising to launch human beings between Los Angeles and Toronto in 22 minutes on a rocket to be complete aware of everything. Still, Ryan Ridley, Mike McMahan, Justin Roiland, and possibly Dan Harmon all took the ball and ran with it:

Let’s get this going. He’s appeared on South Park, so why not Rick And Morty to do some crazy science that everybody thinks he’s trying to do with his giant Mars rocket. If he ends up actually building some sort of mirror-based death ray contraption on the surface of the Moon, don’t say you weren’t warned. Then we’ll have to deal with Jared Leto playing him in the movie.