Elon Musk’s ‘Space Karen’ Nickname Has Everyone Cracking Up After (Empty) Twitter Headquarters Got Trolled With A Projection Beam

After issuing a bizarre ultimatum that gave Twitter employees the option of working “extremely hardcore” for Elon Musk or receive three months severance, at least half of the remaining staffers reportedly chose the door. The situation deteriorated so badly that Musk reportedly locked down Twitter headquarters out of fear that the employee mass exodus would lead to intentional sabotage. However, Musk’s biggest concern should be how long the site will last now that the employees who man critical systems are now gone.

Via CNN:

A former Twitter executive, who recently exited the company, described the situation as a “mass exodus.” Asked about the situation, the former executive said, “Elon is finding out that he can’t bully top senior talent. They have lots of options and won’t put up with his antics.”

“They will struggle just to keep the lights on,” the former executive added.

As employees shared details with reporters or tweeted out screenshots of internal Slack messages on Thursday evening, #RIPTwitter started to trend along with several hashtags pointing towards an imminent collapse. Adding insult to injury, someone set up a projector that scrolled a trail of insults on the Twitter building. The text called Musk a “lawless oligarch, space Karen, mediocre manchild, worthless billionaire.”

As video of the projector insults made its way around the Twitter platform, “Space Karen” became a breakout hit despite the endless stream of users posting send-offs in the face of an imminent collapse. Even in its possibly final hours, Twitter couldn’t resist a well-made insult, particularly one aimed at the man who did so much damage in so short amount of time.

You can see reactions to Space Karen below while still Twitter is somehow still working:


(Via CNN)