Elon Musk Suggested He Moved Tesla From California To Texas In Part Because Of A Mean Tweet

Money doesn’t protect one from everything, not even insults. Just ask Elon Musk. The Tesla honcho (and crypto enthusiast) is one of the richest people on the planet, but even he can suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. He even moved his company to another part of the country partly because someone said something mean about him on the internet

On Friday, a publication called Tasmanian — which seems to be almost exclusively about all things Musk — published a fawning ode to Musk entitled “Tesla Moved its HQ to Texas Following Explicit Offer from California Assemblywoman.” In it, they claimed Musk “selflessly tried to resist the actions of the government” after California prevented him from reopening a factory in Fremont in the early days of the pandemic (which Musk has downplayed). This caught the ire of progressive California assemblywoman Lauren S. Gonzalez, who tweeted, simply, “F*ck Elon Musk.”

Musk apparently saw this, and when Tasmanian — which called Gonzalez’s tweet “unacceptable for a government official and indicates serious problems in the apparatus of the state” — tweeted out the article on Friday, Musk wrote “Exactly,” thereby seeming to confirm that this hunch wasn’t far off.

It’s unclear whether or not Musk — who has a thing for jest, or at least once hosted SNL — was simply joking or embellishing for effect. Perhaps he was on the fence about hightailing it to Texas and then Gonzalez’s tweet nudged him to pick a side. But as Gonzalez recently pointed out, while Tesla headquarters are moving to the Lone Star State, they’re keeping at least one foot in California, possibly because, as she put it, he “makes too much of his money from taxpayer subsidies in CA to pull out.”

In any case, people with unimaginable wealth who don’t want to share it with those in need: They’re just like us!

(Via SF Gate)