Elon Musk Has Moved Into Straight-Up Troll Mode Against The Twitter CEO After Putting The Deal On Hold

Dubious SNL host Elon Musk may have reacted with pure-fire emoji to Snoop Dogg’s (joking) plan to buy Twitter, but the Tesla CEO’s got a whole other vibe for the Twitter CEO. And Parag Agrawal may very well now regret taking over the gig in November 2021 after Jack Dorsey’s departure from his previous position. It sure seems like Musk is pulling off a troll job on Twitter, weeks after beginning a deal to buy the joint for $44 billion and then putting everything on hold for reasons that don’t sound believable to many people. It’s confusing! That’s especially the case since Elon went in so big on his “free speech absolutism” and made so many far-right users (and ex-users) happy, and that’s only contributed to the overall chaos. of the situation.

Yup, one wonders if Elon’s realized that, even with the backing of fellow billionaires around the globe, he can’t realistically afford to buy Twitter. That’s a cynical take, but it’s hard to believe that Elon’s suddenly surprised that spam bots proliferate through the platform. He’s now acting as though he’s not taking things seriously at all while seemingly attempting to p*ss off Agrawal. Speaking of which, Agrawal fired off a detailed and carefully composed thread about spam, which begins with the below tweet.

Throughout that thread, Agrawal describes how it’s an ongoing and demanding process to stay on top of spam, and that involves shutting down “half a million” such accounts every day, and so on, by requiring safeguards including phone verification.

Again, it’s a long thread, and instead of letting Agrawal make his case, Elon decided to poop on everything. No really, he volleyed a poop emoji at the Twitter CEO.

Musk also suggested that he didn’t even read the entire thread by asking (of the spam accounts), “Have you tried just calling them?”

Yep, Agrawal attempted (in his thread) to lay out the case that Twitter takes spam very seriously and how internal data shows that less than 5% of accounts have circumvented the process. Elon keeps arguing, very publicly, about this.

One wonders if he’s simply having (non-)buyer’s remorse and wants to walk away without the $1 billion breakup fee. That actually wouldn’t be too surprising after Elon’s (now-)former partner, Grimes, revealed that the richest man on earth wouldn’t buy a new mattress when she found herself sleeping atop a hole.