Elon Musk’s Next Genius Idea On How To Save Twitter/X Is Allegedly Making It A Dating App

It’s been about a year since Elon Musk officially bought the social media service formerly known as Twitter. So much has changed, and not for the better. Gone are the blue checkmarks that used to designate noted users. Back are the anti-Semites and a certain criminally charged former president. Advertising revenue has plummeted, forcing Musk to try one kooky idea after another to save his investment. His next alleged harebrained scheme? Making it another dating app.

An insider told Insider that during a company call on Thursday, Musk announced he plans to add a “fully fledged” mating component in 2024. How will that work? Details are fuzzy, but never second guess Musk when it comes to actually implementing ideas that sound terrible (and, when finished, are).

Turning the ex-Twitter into a hook-up joint isn’t the only ambitious-yet-dodgy idea Musk has cooked up. He’s been saying he wants to turn it into an “everything app,” where one can do banking. Some have sworn they wouldn’t trust the guy whose yen for self-driving cars has resulted in horrific accidents with their money.

Buying Twitter hasn’t exactly worked out for Musk. At one point he lost so much money on the purchase that he forfeited his claim as the world’s wealthiest person. But as per a recent Forbes round-up, he’s back on top. Forbes credits his success to Tesla and Space X — though, suspiciously, not that entity called “X.”

(Via Insider)