Don Jr. And Eric Trump Reportedly Pushed Their Families To The Front Of The Line At The White House Easter Egg Roll

If you’re wondering why the Easter Bunny above has such a perplexed look on his face, it might be because he was just forced to strip by First Lady Melania Trump—or because he’s watching two adult men and their families cut a line of thousands of people in order to have their picture taken with their President Dad at The White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll.

Of the many bombshells former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham is dropping in her new book, one of the most embarrassingly juvenile—but totally expected—gems is how, in 2017, the adult children of then-president Donald Trump cut the line at the annual Easter Egg Roll in order to get a picture taken with their dear ol’ dad. According to Business Insider, Grisham says that Don Jr. and Eric Trump cut the line “ahead of the other children in attendance and made sure their own kids and not the kids of the general public were in the photos with the president and first lady.”

“Some of the children and their parents had stood in long lines for an hour or longer to get a spot with the president,” Grisham continued, “and they were relegated to the background. I would go on to develop positive relationships with most of the Trump children, but that was a generally obnoxious and entitled display that did not appear to surprise [Melania Trump].”

Grisham claims that despite the former president’s terrible sons being terrible as usual, she felt the event was a success—which she credits to Melania. According to BI, Grisham says that Melania kept the crowd size smaller than usual so that parents weren’t waiting in line for hours on end (good move, guys!) and that she was also laser-focused on tiny details… like the Easter Bunny’s wardrobe. When he hopped out in a plaid vest, Melania reportedly deemed it “tacky” and “then and there, only minutes before he was to hop out onto the White House lawn, Melania Trump made the Easter bunny strip,” Grisham writes.

Grisham’s book—which both the former president and First Lady have condemned as horsesh*t—is titled I’ll Take Your Questions Now, which is ironic considering Grisham never held a single press conference during her time as White House press secretary.

(Via Business Insider)