‘Irony Is Deader Than Dead’: Eric Trump Is Being Dragged For Complaining About Biden Spending Time Away From The White House

If there’s one defining feature to Donald Trump‘s presidency, it’s that he bounced every Friday afternoon to go golfing at his personal resort in Florida, essentially funneling taxpayer money into his own business. So it was especially rich when Eric Trump appeared on Fox News on Monday to criticize Joe Biden for not spending enough time at the White House.

“Afghanistan is falling,” the young Trump said. “Guess what, you have President Biden, who is in Delaware, not solving the problem.”

Again, Eric’s attack on Biden was particularly ironic given the elder Trump’s long-standing reputation for golfing every weekend and spending the majority of his time in the White House shouting at the TV and eating fast food. Once video of Eric’s specious attack on Biden hit social media, the reactions were quick and fierce (as Aaron Rupar put it, “Irony is deader than dead”):

Now, has President Biden spent personal time with family on the weekends? Yes, of course. But there’s naturally a vast difference between an occasional car ride from Washington D.C. to nearby Delaware, and Trump’s weekly flights to Florida. And when it comes to golf, well, the numbers speak for themselves.

According to Business Insider, President Biden only golfed once during his first 100 days in office, and he waited 87 days before hitting the green. By contrast, Trump had gone golfing 19 times during his first 100 days, and he currently holds the record of the most golf trips taken by a commander in chief. Unless Tiger Woods becomes president, Trump will probably be sitting on that record for a long time.

(Via Aaron Rupar on Twitter)