Trump Has To Sell His DC Hotel Because It’s A Money-Hemorrhaging Failure But Poor Eric Trump Thinks It’s Because His Daddy Is Being ‘Persecuted’ By Evil Libs

Eric Trump has always been the lesser of the older Trump sons, lacking his older brother’s flamboyance (or at least willingness to tweet out videos he recorded at 3am while his eyes were crimson red). But every now and then he surprises. He can’t even spread voter fraud misinformation without being owned online. So when Eric tried to blame the selling on another of his failing businesses on Democrats, it seemed like he wasn’t even trying.

As per The New York Post, the former president’s organization has been forced to sell the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C., located in the 122-year-old former Old Post Office building. The Trump Organization bought it for $500 million in 2012 and spent an extra $250 million to turn it into a luxury hotel. Since its opening, around the same time Trump won his one-term presidency in 2016, it’s lost more than $70 million.

The lucky new owners, CGI Merchant Group, paid a mere $375 million for the hotel. They will strip the building of its debatably iconic Trump logo and turn it into a Waldorf Astoria.

The D.C. hotel sure has fallen on hard times. When Trump was president, it was one of three of his properties that he strongarmed the Secret Service to use, on the taxpayers’ dime.

Some mourned the D.C. hotel’s changing-of-the-guard, as well as its history of political corruption and, in the style of many Trump properties, multiple bankruptcies.

Another mourner was Eric Trump. “Heavy hearts all around,” he told The Miami Herald. “I think it’s safe to say no public figure in the history of the United States has been persecuted the way President Trump has.”

What does the Trump business having to sell one of their failing properties have to do with the Democrats? Best guess: CGI is led by Raoul Thomas, who, as per the Herald, has a focus on “socially conscious investing,” with plans to donate 1% of room revenue to nonprofits. And while he donates to both Democrats and Republicans, last year he gave almost three times as much to Joe Biden as he did to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Or maybe the guy who didn’t seem to be joking when he slammed Biden for not spending enough time at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has simply given up.

(Via NY Post and Miami Herald)