Eric Trump Tried To Make His Father Sound Like He Was A Hard Worker And Nobody Was Buying It

Eric Trump doesn’t get the attention Don Jr. and Ivanka attract on the regular, though not for lack of trying. He doesn’t have the, uh, magnetism of his older brother, nor does he try to pretend he’s a normal person, like his oldest sister. Eric is just…there. So when he makes the occasional Fox News appearance, as he did on Sunday — the same weekend his father was making a fool of himself by ranting at a Mar-a-Lago wedding — it tends to be a combination of ridiculous and underwhelming.

Eric spent his Sunday yapping on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with host Maria Bartiromo, one of the network’s most fervidly pro-Trump hosts. He wasn’t there to talk about himself. He was there to talk about his father. And he spun a tale so tall that it’s even ludicrous by the standards of Trump nonsense: That his famously distracted dad, who liked to post for unconvincing photo opps of him signing papers and whatnot, was some kind of hard worker.

“I don’t even know where to begin. It’s heartbreaking to us,” Eric told Bartiromo. “I saw how much time and effort my father put into the job.” Sure, his dad was pretty much always “on the clock.” But he was usually rage-tweeting or holding bizarre pressers aside helicopters. The actual gruntwork seemed to be few and far between.

Eric also said “my father” a lot.

Others pointed out that Eric Trump is not exactly a great get, even for Maria Bartiromo.

Others did think Eric loomed large over his more popular siblings: He’s done some truly bad stuff.

Eric also made a couple whoppers. One of them was that his father had “fixed” the problem of immigration, which has seen a surge since the inauguration of Joe Biden. “They’ll leave a 30-yard gap where people are pouring in. I mean, I just don’t understand it. My father had fixed this problem,” Eric said. “Illegal immigration was not a problem anymore. That’s the most humane form of immigration where you don’t have people making this dangerous trek, and literally it shows you what bad policy can do to a country.”

Eric, of course, didn’t mention some of the, let’s say, not exactly perfect issues that cropped up around this issue when his father was in power.