‘What An Absolute POS’: Erik Prince Is Charging $6,500 For A Plane Ride Out Of Afghanistan, And People Are Horrified

Erik Prince — founder of the mercenary firm Blackwater and brother to former, havoc-wreaking Education Secretary Betsy DeVos — has always been full of suspect behavior, long before he was reported to have tried to open a secret line of communication between the Trump White House and Russia. He’s also very press friendly, too, which led to him once telling USA Today that the Trump White House wanted to privatize a huge chunk of the war in Afghanistan. Now that everything has fallen apart over there, Erik Prince would also like to privatize the final moments of exodus from the country, and he’s charging $6,500 per head on private charter planes.

In other words, he’s profiting handsomely from Afghan misery following the withdrawal of U.S. troops after two decades. Following the Trump Administration’s did the dealmaking for “peace” that ultimately wasn’t honored and Biden’s botched execution of the U.S. exit, Afghan citizens are desperately hoping to escape the Taliban. Well, the Wall Street Journal says that Prince is openly discussing his expensive offer for seats on a chartered plane as Biden’s deadline (Aug. 31) to remove the remaining U.S. troops isn’t wavering. And here’s Prince, making some coin with “hundreds of empty seats” being witnessed on planes like his:

Erik Prince, the American defense contractor, said he is offering people seats on a chartered plane out of Kabul for $6,500 per person. U.S. and NATO forces are sending special rescue teams into Taliban-controlled areas of the city to spirit their citizens into the airport. And countless Afghans who thought the U.S. would protect them after having assisted the U.S.-led coalition forces in the past two decades are now realizing that they will most likely be left behind to face Taliban wrath alone.

Private rescue efforts are facing growing obstacles this week, just as the urgency grows. Chartered planes are flying out of Kabul with hundreds of empty seats. New Taliban checkpoints on the road to Pakistan have made driving out of the country increasingly risky. Confusing bureaucratic hurdles have prevented countless people from leaving Afghanistan.

There’s a stark difference between the mention of these mostly empty planes and photos of packed U.S. cargo planes as people are desperate to flee the Taliban at all costs. Meanwhile, The Independent is reporting that ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is attempting to fly at-risk women (for free) out of Afghanistan. Let’s just say that people noticed the contrast, and they’re disgusted with Erik Prince.


(Via Wall Street Journal)