Erik Prince’s Past Is On People’s Minds After He Claimed That He Could Have Saved Ukraine From Russian Invasion

Erik Prince — the infamous founder of the mercenary firm Blackwater and brother of ex-Education Secretary Betsy DeVos — is at it again. Less than six months ago, he was charging $6,500 for a plane ride out of Afghanistan (prompting people to declare, “What an absolute POS”), and of course, he’s got thoughts about Russia’s declaration of war upon Ukraine. Following the invasion, Prince paid a visit to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson (who trashed Ukraine as “corrupt” earlier this week and won’t stop with the pro-Russia propaganda), where Prince announced that he could have stopped this attack from happening, if only Biden would have let him do it.

In the below clip, Prince declared that Biden shut down his pitch to have mercenary pilots take 140 jets to Ukraine, which would have saved it from Russian invasion.

Prince, of course, is shady at best, as evidenced by previous reports that tried to open a secret line of communication between Russia and the Trump administration. He also once bragged to USA Today that Trump really wanted to privatize the war in Afghanistan. Yet it sounds like he wanted to privatize something unorthodox in Ukraine, and he’s not pleased that it didn’t happen.

Well, Prince’s history isn’t great, and people know this. Even his most recent statements don’t look good. Earlier this week, he visited with Steve Bannon for the War Room podcast, where they talked about how great Putin is because he’s “anti-woke,” and further, they were happy that Putin’s not supportive of LGBTQ. “How many genders are there in Russia?” Bannon asked, and Prince merrily responded, “Two.”

Let’s just say that people were armed with not only reminders of this podcast episode but all of the other sketchiness that Prince has committed regarding Russia and Ukraine over the years. And they unloaded on Prince.