Madison Cawthorn’s Own ‘Friends’ And Colleagues Hate Him So Much That They’re Reportedly Leaking Bombshells To Try To Destroy Him

Madison Cawthorn is an absolute trainwreck—so much so that even Donald Trump is reportedly “weirded out” by him. While every politician has a public persona and a private one, given how unlikeable Cawthorn’s bizarre and obnoxious behavior makes him seem when the cameras are rolling, it’s hard to imagine that he’s a much kinder, gentler person behind closed doors. And, according to The Daily Beast, even the freshman North Carolina congressman’s closest “friends” and colleagues allegedly hate his guts—and are most likely the ones who leaked the video of a naked Cawthorn frantically humping a man, photos of him clad in women’s lingerie, and other evidence of him acting all a fool.

Or, as The Daily Beast puts it: “the attacks are coming from inside the house.”

According to one political insider, North Carolina Republicans are tired of bearing witness to Cawthorn’s childish antics and want to see him go. So they’ve gotten together to combine powers and make that happen ahead of the primary, which is in less than a week. “It’s definitely a hit job that I’m happy to be a party to,” the political operative, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Daily Beast. “Most of the GOP universe has come around to align against this guy. You’re seeing a full-court, state-based, establishment pushback against him. Get this guy out. Take him out. We’re gonna see if we can pull it off in eight days.”

Of course, Cawthorn didn’t do himself any favors when he bragged about all the invites he receives from his fellow Republicans to their cocaine-fueled orgies.

While much of the negative information and evidence against Cawthorn that has come to light has been via the Democrat-backed Fire Madison PAC, one of the heads of that group, David Wheeler, admits that they’re not even having to search for negative stories about Cawthorn; they’re just being handed to them, with supporting evidence.

“We’ve become kind of the dumping ground for info on the guy,” Wheeler told The Daily Beast. “Obviously, we have a target, we’re not afraid to take him on and put out the information his opponents wouldn’t—or the Democrats wouldn’t.”

The video of Cawthorn wearing nothing but a crazy look in his eyes and wildly humping another man’s face, for example, came to Fire Madison PAC by a former Cawthorn supporter and donor. Wheeler says they have lots of other video that he hasn’t released because it’s much more explicit and could break some of the state’s decency laws. And most of it’s coming from Cawthorn’s so-called friends and colleagues.

“People think we’re under Kevin McCarthy’s finger, and that he’s telling us what to do because he wants to get back at Madison,” said Wheeler. “It’s not folks out of Washington that are sending this stuff. It’s folks who used to work with him, who were his supporters.”

While a spokesperson for Cawthorn did not respond for a request to comment on the story, the congressman himself claims to be bored with the whole spectacle.

The North Carolina primary election will take place on May 17th.

(Via The Daily Beast)