Exclusive: DC All Access Visits The Largest Personal Comic Book Collection

Some people are sorta into comics. Some people greatly enjoy comics. And some people are Bob Bretall, the owner of the largest personal collection of comics in the world. DC All Access recently visited Bretall to check out his collection, and Gamma Squad has an exclusive clip.

DC All Access, for those who don’t regularly follow it, is DC’s web series following the company, delivering news, updates, and tidbits like this one. Bretall, meanwhile, runs Comic Spectrum, a highly useful reference website about comics. He also has a comics collection that puts yours to shame.

Yes, that’s a garage full of 90,000 comics, including, naturally, every appearance of the JLA. If you were wondering how much Bretall’s collection is worth, just the comics we see in passing that he mentions are worth a few thousand dollars a pop. Each. One assumes that in addition to a well-stocked garage, he’s also got a great alarm system and possibly some extremely well-trained guard dogs.

The full episode of DC All Access will roll out later today.