Exclusive Preview: ‘Batman Superman’ #6

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11.27.13 3 Comments


Batman and Superman have teamed up before, but usually they’re taking on threats a little less overpowered than, well, Mongul. But that’s who’s up to make life miserable, in this exclusive preview.

Greg Pak and Brett Booth have been having fun with this book, following up the launch by Pak and Jae Lee. In particular, they’re sending up a particular video game DC has been involved with, asking what DC heroes would think of a game where they beat each other up. Needless to say, this being a game from the Toymaster company, things aren’t what they seem.

Also fun is the horizontal layout the book’s taken. The Superman books in particular have a history of doing this; one story with the Atomic Skull was laid out this way to make it more cinematic. And, of course, it’s something different. Here’s a preview, both of the layout and what happens when gamers beat up Batman.








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