Exclusive Preview: ‘Suicide Squad’ #23

The Suicide Squad has problems. It always has problems. This team of supervillains, though, has bigger problems than most, with Ales Kot at the wheel.

Namely, John Lynch, who you might remember from titles like Grifter and Sleeper, is making trouble in a country that doesn’t quite get named. But the real draw here is the team of very scary people Amanda Waller has put together: Deadshot, King Shark, Harley Quinn, James Gordon Jr., the Unknown Soldier, and Cheetah.

Kot had a tricky problem on his hands when he took over this book; making it stand out from Adam Glass’ run on the book. Kot has made his writing stand out though, partially thanks to his willingness to lighten up the proceedings a bit and play with the occasional absurdity a team like this faces. Like, for example, King Shark introducing himself with “My name is Trixie. I like to party”, or James Gordon Jr. in this preview, quoting… well… I’ll let you see for yourself. Here’s a preview of what the Squad is up against: