Exclusive Preview: ‘Superboy’ #22

Last issue in Superboy, we learned H.I.V.E. is worse that we thought. And considering it’s an organization with an acronym in a comic book, we had low expectations in the first place. So Superboy is forced to infiltrate a dangerous facility that scars everyone who enters it. Namely, high school.

Justin Jordan has actually been doing an excellent job of turning Superboy into an engaging book, not least because of his inspired choice of sidekick, second-string villain and first-rate smart-ass Doctor Psycho. Psycho’s snarky impatience with Superboy contrasts well with Superboy’s… well, non-snarky impatience with pretty much everything else. And it doesn’t hurt that Krypto is part of the cast.

So, what’s been happening in this high school? Mostly, from the looks of things, Connor discovering girls. See for yourself…