A Florida Man Named Dave Who Had A Tree Fall On His Jeep Is The Breakout Star Of Hurricane Matthew

As we previously mentioned, drivers are being asked to stay off of roads for their own safety while strong winds and heavy rain pound down on Florida in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. But that didn’t stop one man, DeLand resident who goes simply by “Dave” (because his last name he’d “really rather not put on the news”) from making a cigarette run with his girlfriend Friday morning in the couple’s soft-top Jeep. Unfortunately for Dave and his unnamed girlfriend, that proved to be not the best decision in the world because a tree came down right on top of them.

Most people would probably be, at best, inconvenienced by having their vehicle caught under a tree, but Dave is not most people. Because for Dave, this was literally the most exciting thing in the world to ever happen to him. When asked by Bob Kealing, a reporter from Orlando’s WESH 2 News if his life flashed before his eyes as the tree fell on them, he answered, “No, no, that was exciting. Oh, absolutely, that was one of the biggest thrills of my life.”

He later calmly reasoned, “It is what it is, accidents happen, things happen,” before saying that if he had it to do over again he totally would and then asked Kealing if he could give a shout out to his friends, because “this is the first time I ever been on the news.” The whole interview is just tremendous. Not surprisingly, Dave quickly became a hero to Florida residents glued to their television screens, and the hashtag #JeepDave started trending.

Godspeed, Jeep Dave. We hope you get your chance to play in the mud before this whole thing is over. This only happens once in a lifetime, after all.

(Via WESH 2)