Drunk Teen With Flower Pot Over His Head Uses Chainsaw To Rob Gas Station, Exposes Butt During Escape

A 19-year-old man was arrested in Queensland, Australia yesterday after going on a “drunken late-night rampage.” Yeah, I’d say so.

Steven Frank Steele is accused of using a chainsaw to rob a gas station while wearing a flower pot over his head. Also, he showed his butt during the getaway. Take it away, Queensland Times:

It will be alleged the man – who was wearing a flower pot over his head in an attempt to conceal his identity – entered the store about 4.30am on Monday, while two staff members were cleaning a coffee machine.

Wielding a chainsaw which was running at the time, the man lunged at the store attendants, who retreated into a back room.

Police allege the man then used the chainsaw to damage a window and several display racks in the shop, before exposing his buttocks to the store attendants. He is accused of damaging a parked vehicle upon fleeing the scene.

A police officer en route to the station spotted Steele, sans chainsaw, walking down the street and promptly arrested him. The chainsaw was later discovered in a bush near the station.

Steele has been charged with one count of armed robbery, two counts of wilful damage, one count of going armed to cause fear, one count of public nuisance, and one count of possessing suspected stolen property.

The Queensland Times