Foo Fighters Rick Roll’d The Westboro Baptist Church Friday Night

Despite the fact that their leader, Fred Phelps, has been good and dead for well over a year, the Westboro Baptist Church keeps on doing their thing. Including last night, when they picketed a Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City, MO, of all things on Friday night.

The band, being the kind of guys they are, decided the best way to deal with pests such as these was obvious: drive by them in a pickup truck and play “Never Going To Give You Up” at them really loudly. Or, to use the parlance of our times, “Rick Roll’d” them. This is not the same as sending them a misleading link in order to trick them into watching Rick Astley’s 1980s music video, but it did serve its disruptive purpose.

By the time Dave Grohl and company continued on their merry way, a vocal, energetic crowd had formed, drowning out the protesters, who most likely went back home to think of new, disgusting things to write on their colorful signs.

(Source: BuzzFeed, YouTube)