A MAGA Rapper Dropped A New Track That Hails Matt Gaetz As ‘The Chosen One’

First things first: MAGA rappers are a thing? Yep! Or at least MAGA rapper (singular). As Insider reports, musician Kurt Jantz, a.k.a. Forgiato Blow, drops bars about all manner of Trumpian topics and heroes—including a remix of Paul Simon’s “Call Me Al,” rewritten as a tribute to Kyle Rittenhouse (yes, it’s “Call Me Kyle”). His latest creation, however, is a banger about the most Florida of Florida men: Matt Gaetz.

Titled, well, “Matt Gaetz,” the track touts the controversial congressman, who is currently under federal investigation for ties to sex trafficking, as “a Florida legend.” Which is fair, as one could certainly call The Jersey Devil “a New Jersey legend.”

The song also declares that Gaetz is, “the chosen one, yeah; Dedicated congressman; Matt Gaetz show him love” and brags that “President Trump knows real talent when he sees it.”

Also, check out Matt’s moves!

Matt Gaetz rapping
Forgiato Blow via YouTube

Is that an invisible lasso Gaetz is wielding?

While it’s not only Gaetz who gets major props in the song—everyone’s favorite orgy invitee Madison Cawthorn gets a shout-out, too—it’s the Florida congressman who is ready to ride the track’s success to the top of the charts.

Joel Valdez, a spokesperson for the politician, told Insider that “Congressman Gaetz is a big fan of this future #1 hit, though he can’t claim credit for its conception, composition, or lyrics.” Hmmm… maybe he’s not like Trump after all.

(Via Insider)