The ‘Fox & Friends’ Gang Is Practically Giddy About Obama Having To Scale Back His 60th Birthday Bash Due To COVID

Barack Obama is turning the big 6-0 today and the folks at Fox & Friends couldn’t be more excited. Not because it’s the former president’s birthday, but because he was planning to throw a ginormous party in the middle of a pandemic, which is never a good idea. So it gave Steve Doocy and his so-called ‘Friends’ a chance to wax holier than thou about COVID and vaccinations and double standards.

Doocy could hardly contain his excitement when he hypothesized that Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard bash — which had originally included a guest list of 500 that reportedly included the likes of John Legend, Michael Jordan, and George Clooney, plus a staff of 200 to cater to the A-list attendees — could turn into a “super-spreader event.” (Thanks, Dr. Doocy.) But what got the gang really amped was the news that the Obamas are planning to downsize the shindig given due to health concerns over the new COVID Delta variant.

As The New York Times reported, Obama spokeswoman Hannah Hankins released a statement on Wednesday morning to announce that: “Due to the new spread of the Delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends. He’s appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon.”

But the gang wasn’t buying it. While Doocy posited that “maybe it was a tone-deaf thing,” according to Mediaite, co-host Lawrence Jones was less generous in his assessment that the revised party plans were simply “Because he got caught!” But the sarcasm didn’t stop there.

After guessing that the party would still likely include “a couple hundred people,” Doocy suggested that “Maybe [Obama] didn’t watch the news. Did he know about this pandemic?”

“The problem is they told us you can’t do that you can’t have your wedding, you can’t have your funeral,” Doocy continued. “But we’re going to have this gigantic opulent party on Martha’s Vineyard for 500 elites and, you know, it was wrong.”

Jones, however, stuck to his guns that “They wouldn’t have changed it if they didn’t get caught.” (Note to Lawrence: It would be very hard to hide 700 people anywhere on Martha’s Vineyard—an island that measures less than 90 square miles—especially under a tent at the home of a former president. So subterfuge was not likely ever part of the plan here.)

Doocy wasn’t about to let the tomfoolery end without getting in the last word though: “So anyway, let’s see if George Clooney’s still going to Martha’s Vineyard,”

You can watch their full performance here.

(Via Mediaite)