Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Actually Questioned Stephen Miller About Trump Having ‘The Worst Legal Team’ In The Wake Of Its Humiliating Losses

If Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller hopped on Fox & Friends Monday morning thinking the show was just another platform for him to push voter fraud conspiracy theories unchallenged, he got a wake-up call — and it came in the form of host Brian Kilmeade.

Miller appeared on the program this morning as members of the Electoral College are set to meet to cast their votes for each state. As things stand, President-elect Joe Biden has a clear majority — of the electoral college vote and the popular vote — but Trump’s aide gave the show’s host an alternative outcome, suggesting Trump loyalists will cast their electoral ballots for the disgraced candidate, which could sway outcomes in key states like Georgia and Wisconsin. Of course, those votes won’t be certified state secretaries which means they won’t count, but Miller seemed undaunted by that minor roadblock.

“You have an alternate slate of electors in a state like say Wisconsin or in a state like Georgia and we’ll make sure that those results are sent up side by side to Congress,” Miller told the hosts. “So that we have the opportunity, every day between now and January 20, to say that slate of electors and the contested states is the slate that should be certified to uphold a fair and free election and an honest result.”

He went on to claim that Trump’s legal team had evidence of every kind of voter fraud happening in those states — from dead people voting to underage voters to “illegal aliens.” All of these conspiracies have been debunked and none of those claims have held up in court, something Kilmeade happily pointed out when cross-examining his guest.

“Stephen, so if there were underage people voting and criminals voting, if there was illegal ballots cast, your legal team [has], in almost every state, 50 times lost, so do you have the worst legal team who just don’t seem to be presenting a good case?” Kilmeade quizzed Miller. “Or [are] you just too late, in this case, should have been brought before the election?”

Miller blamed those legal losses on “pressure from the corrupt corporate media” which feels like an obvious dig at Kilmeade and his Fox News posse but, and we can’t believe we’re saying this, the host has a point. If you’re going to label your gang of crackpot lawyers a “legal strike force,” you really need to have a better track record than 0-50.