The ‘Fox And Friends’ Gang Sounded The (Absurd) Alarm That Migrant Kids Will Somehow Turn Into ‘The Taliban’

Sometimes I truly wonder what’s going through Steve Doocy’s mind when Brian Kilmeade starts to go off the rails during Fox and Friends‘ early-morning run. He’s often the (relative) voice of reason when compared to the hard-line conservative stances of co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, but on Wednesday morning, Doocy sort-of stared off into the distance while the energizer bunnies on his left did their thing. Perhaps that was because they were being more absurd than usual, while taking time off from claiming that Christmas is ruined because “nobody wants to work anymore.”

Here’s what happened. Kilmeade started to lose it after Young Doocy (Peter, who is Steve’s kid) confronted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki over why migrant children were being flown “in the middle of the night” to states including Florida and New York. Psaki pushed back, saying that these voyages were simply “earlier than you might like to take a flight.” And this led Kilmeade to fret over the alleged secrecy of it all, while Earhardt stopped referencing her “friends” long enough to interject, “the Taliban.”

Via Mediaite, Kilmeade previously declared (prior to the “Taliban” remark) that allowing migrant kids into the U.S. was a “go sign to Central and South America, Africa, Norway, whatever, to come to our country.” Notice how he added Norway? That appears to be a preemptively added detail, one that would insulate him from accusations of racially charged remarks, but Earhardt torpedoed that seeming attempt with two words.

Nonetheless, Kilmeade persisted. “You get in, you get flown through, you get a nice plane ride, you get put into a suburban community in America, light years better than your country.” He then insisted that migrants and refugees must be thinking, “Now is the time to sell the house and send our kids to another country.” Oh boy.

(Via Mediaite)