A Fox News Segment Took A Weird Turn South When A Guest’s Camera Fell Straight Into His (Thankfully Covered) Crotch

The White House’s vaccine czar, Dr. Marc Siegel, had an embarrassing moment on Monday when his camera fell into his crotch during a Fox News segment. The blooper happened while Siegel was fielding a question about Regeneron from anchor Julie Banderas, only to have the camera give all of Fox News’ viewers a clear shot of the doctor’s pants, which he was fortunately wearing. While Siegel continued to talk as if nothing happened, you can tell by the look on Banderas’ face that she clearly saw what happened. She then tried to assure Siegel that these things happen, and it’s no big deal, which probably would’ve worked had she not quipped, “Nice jeans by the way.”

You can watch the embarrassing moment below, via The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona.

Of course, as entertaining as this moment is, nothing compares to Rudy Giuliani’s meltdowns over the past few weeks.

The Trump campaign attorney has been on an all-time humiliating hot streak going all the way back to October when his compromising scene in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was revealed. That led to a series of bizarre screaming interviews, which were merely an appetizer for Guiliani’s post-election behavior. America’s Mayor was front and center for the Four Seasons Total Landscaping fiasco, but Giuiliani somehow managed to top that debacle by dripping hair dye down his face during a deranged press conference that even Fox News denounced. In short, Rudy would probably kill for something as quaint as a mere camera to the groin. That’s like a walk in the park.

(Via Justin Baragona on Twitter)