A Fox News Anchor Warned Viewers That Cancel Culture Will ‘Come After Bible Characters Next’

Tucker Carlson isn’t the only one on Fox News who loves to bluster about cancel culture.

The Chicago Tribune reported that 41 statues in Chicago are under review as part of “a racial healing and historical reckoning project,” including five of Abraham Lincoln, as well as monuments to Presidents George Washington and William McKinley and “murderer, tyrant, and scoundrel” Christopher Columbus. Naturally, Fox News is not a fan of the initiative. Carley Shimkus called it “wrong,” “violent,” and “illegal” that statues were ripped down last year, but “equally troubling would be to have a group of professional people go through this months-long process, look at the history of these men and what they represent to our country, and still decide to take these statues down.”

She continued, “You have to wonder, are we in a transition period in our country right now where our grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren might not think of these people the way we do? They might not be taught in the same way we know them now,” as if our views aren’t constantly evolving and should stay fixed in time. Shimkus wants “more statues, not less, not fewer. More opinions, more ideas, not less.”

After Shimkus brought up that Lincoln was “a part of every aspect” of Lincoln, Illinois, where she used to work, and there was “even a sandwich named after” the 16th president, co-anchor Bill Hemmer chimed in, “If they start canceling American presidents, they’ll come after Bible characters next. Mark my words, right?” Outside of noticing how Hemmer referred to Jesus and Mary as “characters,” people on Twitter are wondering what, say, the burning bush or the VeggieTales getting canceled looks like.

(Via Mediaite)