Fox News Is Apologizing For A Texas Republican Babbling About An Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory On-Air

12.06.18 9 months ago

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney was forced to apologize Thursday following an on-air chat with Republican Texas Representative Louie Gohmert, who very casually floated a conspiracy theory involving Democratic donor George Soros into a conversation about new Google technology developed for China. The tech giant has recently come under fire for its so-called “Project Dragonfly” search engine, which reportedly would assist Chinese government in essentially censoring and spying on its citizens.

In a Fox Business op-ed also published Thursday, Varney compared the project to a “modern-day version of George Orwell’s Big Brother.” While agreeing with that take, it was at that point that Gohmert went right the heck off the rails.

“You mentioned Orwell. It reminds me of another George, George Soros, because Google is born in a free country and then the go over and oppress others in other countries. George Soros is supposed to be Jewish but you wouldn’t know it from the damage he inflicted on Israel and the fact that he turned on fellow Jews and helped take the property that they owned.”

Soros, of course, is a popular target of far-right conspiracy theories, as well as alleged “MAGA bomber” Cesar Sayoc Jr. The billionaire philanthropist has been falsely accused of being a Nazi collaborator during World War II and confiscating property from Jews.

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