A Fox News Commentator Takes Umbrage With Gender-Neutral Gingerbread People

12.19.18 8 months ago 19 Comments

With Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s that magical time of the year where the talking heads over at Fox News find new and exciting ways to be triggered over political correctness, or perceived attacks on the holiday. This time, that outrage is in the form of gingerbread men — or, gingerbread people, as some are now calling them.

Scottish Parliament even went so far as to ban the term at its on-site coffee shop in an effort to reduce sexism, which seems a bit excessive — but whatever makes people feel comfortable and inclusive, right?

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson discussed the subject with political commentator Tammy Bruce, who is absolutely not having this sh*t. “I contend, after living your entire life being kind of bullied into what you can and cannot say and presumptions that you’re bad people, that it can be the smallest thing that tips you over the edge, that’s the tipping point,” Bruce told an intensely slack-jawed Carson.

“And in this case it’s calling gingerbread men a gingerbread person — and obviously, they’re men,” she concluded.

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