A Fox News Contributor Is Getting Roasted Like A Turkey For His Meltdown Over Two Holiday-Themed Horror Movies

If you like holiday-themed slashers, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Out in theaters now is Thanksgiving, Eli Roth’s feature based on a fake trailer from Grindhouse, and It’s a Wonderful Knife, a parody of It’s a Wonderful Life from director Tyler MacIntyre. Fox News recently took some time off from whining about Starbucks cups, or whatever, to complain about the films.

“Even Christmas is being profane,” Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo told host Laura Ingraham during Monday’s episode of The Ingraham Angle, according to the Daily Beast. “If you’ve been to the movies lately — I made the mistake of going over the weekend — there are two holiday slashers on the big screen. I saw these posters at the cineplex. I thought they were a joke. They’re not. They’re real.”

Arroyo didn’t specify which movie he saw at the “cineplex” (I’m surprised he didn’t call movies “talkies”), but it probably wasn’t Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

Thanksgiving and It’s a Wonderful Knife are comedies as much as they are horror movies, but guess who wasn’t laughing.

Arroyo, who hosts a news program on the Catholic television network EWTN, didn’t find anything funny about them. “This is an emblem, Laura, of our cultural decay: when you can’t even make uplifting or joyous movies around the holidays,” he preached, as Fox News shifts into its annual, breathless coverage of the supposed War on Christmas. “You have to extend killing, mutilation, maiming, and death.”

Unlike in the Bible, which is famously death free. The clip of Arroyo’s meltdown caught the attention of It’s a Wonderful Knife writer Michael Kennedy, who wrote, “IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE has caused moral decay! Thanks for the free press, FOX NEWS! IAWK drops on @Shudder @AMCPlus and VOD this Friday!” He added, “In a seriousness, you have no idea how proud this makes me. Our queer little horror movie is full of love and joy and I hope more people watch it because of these emotionally and mentally inept charlatans.”

You can see the video below, as well as reactions.

(Via the Daily Beast)