A Jan 6th Rioter/Infowars Host Says The Charges Against Him Should Be Dropped Because He’s Like ‘Jesus Or The Dalai Lama’

Legally speaking, there are a handful of (legitimate) reasons a person being charged with a crime could cite for having their case dismissed: No probable cause, illegal search, lost evidence, or lack of evidence are just some of them. However, the judge overseeing the case against Infowars personality Owen Shroyer might have heard a totally new one on Thursday, when Shroyer—who is being charged with two misdemeanors related to the events of January 6th—said he should not be charged with any wrongdoing because he’s like “Jesus or the Dalai Lama.”

As Pilar Melendez writes for Daily Beast:

“Prosecutors allege that the host of the Infowars program War Room With Owen Shroyer marched to the Capitol with several other Trump supporters. He was heard on a video telling the crowd: ‘Today we march for the Capitol because on this historic January 6, 2021, we have to let our Congressmen and women know, and we have to let Mike Pence know, they stole the election, we know they stole it, and we aren’t going to accept it!’ Shroyer was then seen on video on the west side of the Capitol and the top of the stairs on the east side of the federal building, according to charging documents.”

Shroyer is also offering an additional reason for having the charges against him dismissed: he’s a member of the press, and that by removing the barricades that typically stand between the Capitol building and the outside world, he was essentially being “invited” into the building by the government. Sort of like a vampire.

Prior to this, Shroyer was perhaps best known for his public outburst during Trump’s impeachment hearing. On December 9, 2019, Shroyer had to be physically removed from the U.S. Capitol (irony alert!) after he began shouting that, “We voted for Donald Trump, and they’re simply removing him because they don’t like him” and saying the Democrats had committed treason. As Deadline reported at the time, Shroyer later posted video of the incident to social media.

No word yet on whether Shroyer’s Jesus comparison tactic will work, but it seems dubious.

(Via Daily Beast)