Fox News Is So Very Mad That Joe Biden Is Selling ‘Dark Brandon’ Merch

Remember “Let’s go Brandon”? It was the right’s classy way of hurling an f-word at Joe Biden without actually saying it. One of them even did it over the phone to him, during a children’s Christmas broadcast. Eventually the Biden team was able to co-opt it, turning it into “Dark Brandon,” which was used any time the president did something badass, like helping the nations core low unemployment numbers. He’s even been selling “Dark Brandon” merch. His latest item is a “Dark Brandon” coffee mug, which drove Fox News crazy.

Late last week, the Biden team dropped a video of the president drinking from a mug bearing a “Dark Brandon” logo and the numbers “2024.” After taking a sip, he says, “I like my coffee dark.” Those mugs are now for sale on Biden’s campaign site.

That triggered multiple Fox News hosts.

“Dark Brandon is not funny!” declared Julie Banderas. “I mean, that’s actually a really dark joke at the expense of the American public. Like, I don’t think it’s funny. And Brandon is not a compliment. So, to— that’s all he’s got to go on? Take the worst insult that he’s adopted through his presidency and make something of it?”

On The Five, Jesse Watters sort of, not really championed the merchandise. “It’s funny because he is a dark guy,” Watters said. “He’s a nasty guy. He’s arresting his rival. And he’s been shaking down Chinese and Ukrainian executives for years and hiding it. He’s nasty to his family and to his grand-daughter. He’s a nasty guy. He calls people white supremacists.”

A lot of what Watters said was conspiracy theories or private family matters. He then went on to claim Barack Obama, who’s vowed to start helping Biden’s re-election campaign starting in the fall, hate each other. “He only chose Biden as VP because he was a white guy who had foreign policy chops and knew his way around Washington, to balance that ticket,” Watters claimed. He also said that Obama would “laugh at him behind his back.”

“Let’s go Brandon” emerged in late 2021, when Trump folk dreamed up a way to say “F*ck Joe Biden” without really saying it. The phrase eventually went out of favor. But it lives on as “Dark Brandon,” which must make all its original users hopping mad.

(Via Mediaite)