Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy Is Kinda Thirsty For Trump BFF Kim Jong-Un: ‘He Does Look Good…He Looks Better Than (Biden)’

Fox News‘ Rachel Campos-Duffy’s taste in men is a notorious subject that she can’t escape, and now, she’s kinda thirsting over the North Korean dictator. That’s quite a statement there, so let’s briefly back up. Rachel rose to pop-culture fame in the mid 1990s on The Real World‘s San Francisco edition. She’s never hidden her outspoken conservative ways, which ran against her inexplicable attraction to roommate and co-star Puck Rainey. They kissed on the show, which was something that her now-husband, Sean Duffy, teased her about during a Real World/Road Rules crossover event, and she had no explanation for her attraction to Puck. It was awkward.

Fast forward to 2021, and Duffy’s been a Republican congressman (out of Wisconsin) for a few terms, during which he’s complained about not making enough money. Rachel’s been TV co-hosting here and there, including some guest spots at The View, but her primary workplace is Fox News, where she pops up on weekend editions of Fox and Friends and so on. Well, she got super excited about the supposed new physique of Trump buddy Kim Jong-Un.

Move over, Jimmy Kimmel, because Rachel’s getting in on this while taking a shot at Joe Biden: “He does look good! I’m sorry, he looks better than our president.”

Oh boy. Yes, it’s a little strange to thirst (even in jest) over a dictator, and there’s really no telling whether this is even Kim Jong-Un at all, given that North Korea is even more propaganda-heavy that we could possibly realize. Rachel’s co-host even floats the idea (which might not even be a conspiracy theory, given that North Korea can never be believed) that this is a body double, and she still seems into it. Alright!

One more thing: Kim Jong-Un is 37, and Biden is 78 years old. Obviously, there’s gonna be a difference there, though arguing any point here is equally as silly as what’s happening in this video clip.