Even Fox News Anchors Are Dunking On Elon Musk For His ‘Embarrassing’ Plan To Charge Twitter Users For A Blue Checkmark

Following Elon Musk announcing that Twitter will begin charging $8 a month for users to keep their verified accounts, there has been intense discussion over the controversial plan that would change the very nature of the blue checkmark on top of being rife for abuse. While right wing Twitter users have cheered on Musk for seemingly sticking it to “media elites” by leveraging the playing field to acquire a blue check, the new social media CEO earned himself some surprising critics over at Fox News.

While discussing Musk’s latest tiff with AOC, Fox News anchors Dana Perino and Kat Timpf both said that there’s no way they’re paying for a blue checkmark. In fact, Perino is hoping the whole ordeal will finally make her quit Twitter for good.

Via Mediaite:

“Would you pay $8 for it?” asked Perino.

“I think it’s embarrassing to pay $8 for it,” shot back Timpf.

“I do too. I don’t think I’m going to do it,” added Perino, concluding, “I’ve been looking for a reason to get off Twitter.”

“I mean, maybe this could be it,” Perino quipped.

“I don’t think I would pay for it,” replied Timpf. “If someone you know, if this company paid for it for me, then sure. But I think that’s like it’s embarrassing to be like. Yes, yes. It’s so important to me that I spent this money.”

However, co-anchor Bill Hemmer revealed that their Fox News colleague Jesse Watters still plans to keep his blue check but expense it to the company. Watters’ stance would be more in line with Fox News’ coverage of Musk since he purchased Twitter. Both Ainsley Earhardt and Greg Gutfeld have defended Musk for spreading a baseless conspiracy theory about Nancy Pelosi’s husband being attacked. Although, it should be noted that Gutfeld’s The Five co-stars pushed back on his defense of Musk.

With at least Fox News two anchors literally laughing at Musk’s plan to charge for blue checks, it definitely seems like there’s some division in the ranks over whether his purchase of Twitter is a genius move to “own the libs” or a comical train wreck.

(Via Mediaite)